Text books / Karnataka State Sylabus - English Medium / 10th Standard / Science - Part 1, 2008 - Revised Edition

5 Gravitation

5.1 Introduction
5.2 Universal law of gravitation
5.3 Gravity near the earth’s surface
5.4 Motion of planets around the sun
5.5 Importance of the law of gravitation
Answer the following
1. State the universal law of gravitation
2. What led Newton to develop the law of gravitation?
3. Why is the law of gravitation called a universal law?
4. What is weight?
5. How does the acceleration due to gravity vary with height? Explain.
6. Mention three points successfully explained by the law of gravitation.
7. What led to the discovery of the planet Neptune?
8. What led to the discovery of the planet Pluto?
9. What is meant by weightlessness? Explain with an example.